School Site Council


Site Council

This elected body oversees the school’s categorical monies—bilingual and Title I funds. Responsible for Hiram Johnson’s School Development Improvement Plan (SDIP), and the School Safety Plan (SSP), the council meets on the first Thursday of each month, September through May.


SSC Meeting – 4/3/17

Hiram Johnson High School
Special School Site Council Meeting

Monday, April 3, 2017
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Library



1.  Call to Order, Roll Call, and Welcome                                     3 minutes


SSC Meeting – 11/3/16

Hiram Johnson High School
School Site Council Meeting

November 3, 2016
Time: 4:30-5:30
Location: Library


  • Welcome and Introduction – Kal Phan
  • School Site Council Roles and Responsibilities – Kal Phan
  • Election of Officers – Kal Phan
  • SPSA Review – Elected Chairperson
  • Future Meeting Dates – Elected Chairperson

Site Council Members

  • Jason Dauenhauer – Chairman / Faculty
  • Victoria Camargo – Vice Chairman / Parent
  • Rebecca Buesgen – Secretary / Classified
  • Dr. Kal Phan – Administrator
  • David Quintero – Parent
  • Joel Foote – Faculty
  • Robin Kafouros – Faculty
  • Ruth Lindahl – Faculty
  • Nadee Thao – Student
  • Mario Tye – Student
  • Kou Thao – Parent

Why is there a Site Council

All elementary and middle schools have decided to participate in the School Based Coordinated Program (SBCP) using School Improvement Program funds; therefore, they are REQURIED to have School Site Councils.  (Some high schools have school site councils to administer other programs and funds.  The bylaws of these councils govern their activities.) Half of the Council members are school staff; the majority of this group must be classroom teachers.