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We are the Warriors of Truth! We are a group of successful students that provide entertainment and news for the public by telling the community about Hiram Johnson.

In our publications, we plan to tell you about Hiram Johnson High School, our school which is located in Sacramento, California. 

Although we are still a growing newspaper with not much experience at all we will continue to gain experience as a class. We also intend to show you what journalism is all about by intriguing you with many interesting stories of many categories. 

As we go through the year we will keep you up to date on upcoming as well as current events. We will communicate with people outside of the classroom to provide the best and most true image of what happens here at HJHS. We are a school with many good qualities and our purpose is to show how well this school functions and about the positive relationship between faculty and students throughout the campus. 

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We hope through us you will come to love our beautiful school which is Hiram Johnson High School!